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At Danish Mafia we feel upholstery is SERIOUS business!  We believe that just because you have a LOVE for Vintage Danish Modern doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for smelly, rotting and deteriorating upholstery and foam.  Our staff of professionals use only the BEST products on the market.  Almost every piece gets brand new, high grade foam, upholstery, and zipper.  Every seam is double stitched and done with precise care and “execution“ ….

We search all ends of the globe finding vintage rolls of Brand NEW materials!  That’s right, 40+ year old period upholstery that is Brand New! If we don’t have it in the color you want we have several newer knit upholsteries in stock that will also give you a great vintage look.  We also carry a full selection of quality Naugahydes, Leather selection, as well as just about everything else.

Our items not only look great, but are very comfortable and ready for another 50+ years of love and care.  Contact us today with your upholstery needs or if you see something we have in stock, but want a different material or color.

(We do our best to maintain the originality of vintage items.  If upholstery that is original has good foam structure and is clean with no spots or smells, then we keep it original and will specify as so)

For all inquiries and ordering: 
Ph# 727.612.0161 (7 days a week)
or email at danishmafiafamily@yahoo.com
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us.
Our staff of professionals are ready to assist you.